An EntrepreHero™ Exclusive with special guest Taneise Perry
This Interview's Sponsors Does your job require a new level of math proficiency? Maybe you're a concerned parent of[...]
The B.A.M. Market Loves My Pretty Brown Doll
Hey there Black business lovers! The B.A.M. Black Friday Market has started the annual Happy Holidays in July to kick[...]
Do You Generalize All Black Customers?
So if you've ever had a chance to meet some of us from the #THEBAMMARKET you know we are PASSIONATE about[...]
Sharee's Five Cents – Hidden Figures
Five Cents Friday, because it's more than just about my 2 cents... Soooo it's been a whole week since the[...]
Some Online Holiday Shopping Tips
It's getting down to crunch time, and this is the time when almost everyone is out, spending big money.  Cyber Monday[...]
First Step is Attitude…
Your attitude determines your altitude – in business and in life. You can’t change someone else’s attitude for them. However,[...]
The Excellence of Owning Up…
[divider style='centered'] I've been seeing a lot of #blackexcellence hashtags lately.  This is a wonderful hashtag that expresses just[...]
I have a confession to make...I cheated, on my favorite brand of hair products!!!! (dramatic pause) But, wait, there’s more...I[...]
Brown Skin
I’m dark brown... my skin is the color of a creamy rich Hershey’s bar and I am in love with[...]
Shop. Share. Repeat.
[divider style='centered'] You’ve done it. You’ve found a few Black-owned businesses or products that you enjoy and have decided to[...]