Do You Generalize All Black Customers?

So if you’ve ever had a chance to meet some of us from the #THEBAMMARKET you know we are PASSIONATE about supporting B.O.B.s !

We absolutely LOVE #BlackOwnedBusinesses ! Problem is, oft times we run into B.O.B.s who do not value Black customers. For example, at an event we went to with our designated funds to spend… we ran into a new B.O.B. that we hadn’t seen before. Not only that, this B.O.B. had some high quality products that we wanted!  Setting our sights on a bag and some clothing, we first wanted to make sure we went to another B.O.B first, because the whole reason we knew about the event was because a particular B.O.B. that make us aware of the event in the first place…and we promised to stop by and support.

So in the interest of  being financially savvy and not overspending from our designated funds we informed the owner of this new found B.O.B. that we first LOVED her merchandise, and would purchase from her,but we needed to run over to another booth to honor a promise. Whatever funds we had left, we’d spend with her AND more later if we didn’t have the money to buy both the bag and clothing we wanted . Immediately the look on the owners face when we mentioned stepping a few booths over first, with a promise of returning in order to honor our word was troubling..but not as troubling as her next move which was to completely IGNORE any other questions we had about her business or products.

That move completely erased any interest in shopping HER business ever again. Read that again… we separated HER business from all B.O.B.s. She does not represent all B.O.B.s  She clearly needs a course in customer service…someone point her to @BAMBUSINESSACADEMY….coming soon! LOL
Anyway, because we love B.O.B.s so much, we still dropped $5.00 her way…she may have gained $5.00 but her business lost so much more than a better sale. #BlackCustomersMatter
That’s ok…we ended up spending more money with other B.O.B.s 😉
Just like you as a B.O.B. don’t want to be generalized, don’t generalize Black customers as people who really don’t want to support. You could miss out BIG!

We ♥ Black Owned Businesses!™ Do You?!

What are your thoughts as a B.O.B.? Have you fallen into the trap of generalizing all Black customers?

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