August 16

Shop. Share. Repeat.


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You’ve done it. You’ve found a few Black-owned businesses or products that you enjoy and have decided to patron them more frequently. You feel GREAT! You’re a part of the solution. You’re empowering your community. You sleep great at night; like a baby. But…you haven’t told anyone. Well, why not? We have the power to take our love for a product or business to the next level by telling others about it.

When I first went natural back in 2009, YouTube was my “university”. I went to “class” multiple times a day and as my YouTube “professors” would instruct me to purchase this clarifying conditioner or that super sealant moisturizer, I would run out and buy it. My linen closet could no longer hold any linens as it was overrun by all the stuff I NEEDED. There is nothing like “word of mouth” or at least a review from someone who has experience with a product or has patroned a business. Now that we’re making a real effort to support B.O.B’s let’s use our social media platforms to post about our experiences and/or about the product.

B.A.M. Founder and CEO, Sharee Cammon, recently visited Holley’s Seafood and Oyster Bar, in Houston, TX and posted about her experience there. She noticed that when she posted just a picture of the food there wasn’t as much interaction or interest expressed than when she posted a picture that included her at the restaurant with the food. It’s so important to share your experiences just make sure to include a snap of yourself or a shot of the place or product.

Just as important as it is to share your experiences with your friends you should also share those with the owner of the business if you have the opportunity. You enjoy a great meal ask to speak to the chef, manager or to see if your message could be relayed to them. Enjoy a product? Send an email to the owner. Great customer service? Let them know. On the other hand, if you have a bad experience let them know as well…in a cordial manner. Sometimes business owners may not know that the customer service or product is lacking if they’ve never been told.


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