June 14

Hello! My name is B.O.B.


So you want to support Black-owned business but don’t understand how to do so adequately? First, let me tell you, it may take a bit of effort, but it’ll be so worth it.  

First off, HECK NO you can’t get the “hook-up”! Racial familiarity shouldn’t be considered a “coupon”….period.  When making a purchase from a Black-owned business don’t expect a discount. These businesses deserve the same fiscal respect as any other business. The price you see is the price you pay.

Let’s make this clear: Black-owned DOES NOT = lower quality. Sometimes it can mean it’s better; when it comes to hair products and cosmetics, this already rings true for many. It may be that way for other products as well.

Black endorsed doesn’t necessarily mean Black-owned. You might see a Black celebrity endorsing a product that caters to Black people (they’re getting paid BIG dollars to do so) BUT that doesn’t mean that the product is Black-owned. You gotta do yo’ research.

The Struggle is REAL, ya’ll. Black business owners and their products are not at every single store or around every block. In fact, you might have to make an inconvenient trek in order to support your locally owned Black business. For example: One of my favorite beauty supply stores is a 25 minute drive from my home.

I pass at least 5 others beauty supply stores, a countless number of drugstore chains and grocery stores, yet I make the drive. Why you may ask? Well, this store is not only Black-owned but it's also women-owned! Hey now, get it girl!

Talk about it. Promote it. Recommend it. If you need to purchase a birthday cake, buy it from your local Black-owned bakery. Your friend is having an event that needs catering? Reach out to that black-owned business you’ve been interested in trying. Share your great experience with a black-owned business on social media. We promote so many brands, events, and people on our social-media pages why not “shout-out” that Black-owned business.  Everyone know the power of word of mouth.

What next? Uhhhh, quit reading this newsletter and get to shopping! Check out your local Black-owned business. Then, tell someone about it!
Until next time.
I’ll Holla!


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