The B.A.M. CommUnity Post Guidelines

The B.A.M. CommUnity is a group made up of Black business owners and consumers looking to better uplift the Black community through conscientiously supporting our own businesses, rejecting inaccurate beliefs, and negative stereotypes placed on Black people by society.

If you're a Black-Owned business owner/entrepreneur, we know you've come to promote your business. Welcome! We do allow promotion on specific threads and posts… but we're much more than a promotion outlet. We get a lot of post submissions and to keep the group focused, we don't approve them all.

The posts most likely to be approved are from members are:

  • A Black-owned business sharing their personal experience with discrimination.
  • A newly published article or study that fits the mission and focus of the group.
  • Book recommendations
  • Posts that have more commentary than just “thoughts?” Explaining why someone should read or watch what you've posted creates better engagement in the group and guides the conversation.
  • Examples of Black-Owned Business and Black Consumer reconciliation happening in your life

What doesn't get approved:

  • Repeats of an article that has already been posted
  • Posts with no commentary or explanation of why it is being shared
  • Posts that center around Whiteness
  • Posts with profanity
  • Overly triggering content, especially images, without a trigger or content warning
  • Personal Crowdfunding (GoFundMe, YouCaring, etc.)
  • Anything that doesn't fit the goals or focus of the group.
  • Memes
  • Self-promotion or business promotion on non-promotion days

As a team, the B.A.M. CommUnity admins look over all pending posts each morning. We decide as a team which posts are best for our group. If your post is not approved, please do not take it personally or contact an admin for an explanation. Most likely it is due to the post not fitting the guidelines above, however, all approved posts are at the discretion of the team admins.

Below is a handy flowchart to help you decide if your post is right for the B.A.M. Community Facebook Group. Click to enlarge.

BAM Post Rules Flowchart