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It’s a site for Black business owners and their supporters. It covers several topics like the struggles of running a Black owned business, how to better support Black owned businesses or B.O.B.s, Black business development, where to find quality B.O.B.s, Marketing your B.O.B. and much more.
Whether you want to build a better, stronger Black owned business or be a better supporter of B.O.B.s, we'll have something for you.


Sharee Cammon is a full time entrepreneur from west Texas who studied music at Lubbock Christian University.  In 2003, her life changed completely when she gave birth to her middle son who was born with end stage renal disease and needed medical care around the clock. She could no longer work a regular 9 to 5 and had to find other means to support her then, single parent household of three. After leaving an abusive relationship and overcoming homelessness, Sharee began her own business in 2005 to help other parents of disabled children find gainful employment. It was then she found her true passion for encouragement, and helping people...and started to specifically hone in on helping other Black business owners succeed. She has since made it her primary goal to empower and encourage Black business owners in order to rebuild economically ravished Black communities.

Sharee now lives in Houston, Texas with her husband Jared and three boys. She loves to share what she's learned and hopes to be apart of the change needed within the Black community that sees more Black businesses truly encouraging and mentoring one another as well as a more positive mindset when it comes to the community as a whole, supporting Black owned businesses and one another.   Apart from building up Black owned businesses,  Sharee enjoys  meeting new people, reading books, learning, watching YouTube and movies, board games, hanging out with friends and family...and singing...which probably has to do with her Music major from another life.
You can connect with her on  Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Sharee Cammon Headshot

Sharee Cammon 
Founder of The B.A.M. Market

sharee with family

Sharee, her husband, Jared and
their three sons.