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  • Exposure to even more influencers
  • New connections and networking opportunities with other B.O.B.s 


  • Our accounts are already followed by consumers who LOVE B.O.B.s which means your post will be super targeted to your ideal audience and your chances of gaining new followers will be much higher.
  • You won't be competing with tens of thousands of other B.O.B.s (the actual chance of being featured on our profile randomly is extremely slim.)
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  • We are VERY brand conscience and  will only post about ONE business per day.  Your B.O.B. will be the only business front and center.

*Please note that our paid feature slots are limited per day and by week. In other words, your feature may be delayed if you don't reserve your feature fast enough. Ensure your feature slot by reserving your feature today.


Q: When can I expect my post to be live after I pay?
A: Your post will generally go live within 3-7 business days. Please note delivery may take longer depending on our waitlist.
Q: What kind of posts can be featured?
A: Black owned business posts offering products and services. Guidelines are outlined in more detail on the feature reservation form.
Q: How many new followers can I expect to gain?
A: It all depends on the quality of your post. If you have a quality post, it will drive more engagement and followers than a post that is less interesting/lower in quality.
Q: What kind of post would you recommend I use for the feature?
A: Sales, discounts or promotions tend to drive the most traffic. People are always looking for ways to save.
Q: Can I pay for more than 1 feature?
A: Yes, you will be able to choose more than one day. Please note that we can only feature you once per week. Ex: If you bought 2 features, your first feature would go live the first week and your second feature would go live the following week.

**Please note that results are not guaranteed and will vary depending on the quality and content of your post. Ex: A lower quality/less interesting post will generally get less likes/comments/followers etc.

Your quality B.A.M. owned business deserves to be supported by the community.
Let's make it happen, together.

Ronnie Russell
Texas Black Pages

"The B.A.M. Market is great for gaining exposure as a Black owned business.  After getting featured, my company connected with a lot more fans and customers interested in the services I offered!"

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